Alloo Tikki (2PCS) —— $7.50
(Potato Cutlet with traditional mint & tamarind sauce)

Alloo Tikki Chaat (2PCS with Choley) —— $8.99

Bun Tikki —— 7.99
(Potato cutlet in the bun, and served with traditional Indian mint and tamarind sauce)

Special Bun Tikki —— $10.99
(Potato cutlet in the bun, boiled peas, cheese and cooked in the butter and served with the traditional Indian mint and tamarind sauce)

Desi Burger —— $9.99
(Indian Punjabi style burger deep fried bun or normal)

Sandwich Grilled —— $7.99
(Special coleslaw salad, Veggie Pattie and Grilled)

Veggie Kebabs —— $13.99
(Soya kebabs made with the special ingredients and served with the mint sauce)

Malayi Chaap —— $12.99
(Marinated in the special ingredients and cream)

Chaap Tikka —— $12.99
(Soya chaap marinated in special ingredients & grilled)

Paneer Tikka —— $12.99